Entry #3

Well.. i did´t find the time to make more afterall

2015-05-13 05:52:21 by Skeenee

Well.. I obviously didnt´t have time to make more  animations lol. Life... it is a biiitch eh! 

But good news, I finally got bored of my job and started drawing again; you can check my instagram or follow me on facebook if interested. it´s more classical shit tho, need to pimp up my skills!

No animation planned in the recent future, I did a bit too much corp work these last years and burned out a bit. But who knows, the love for animation is still there:D





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2015-05-13 11:46:07

ugh I'm in the same position, new job/school I'm like PLS JUST MORE ANIMATION das all i care about^^

but school just ended for me recently, so hopefully more time! and I wish the same for you