Well.. I obviously didnt´t have time to make more  animations lol. Life... it is a biiitch eh! 

But good news, I finally got bored of my job and started drawing again; you can check my instagram or follow me on facebook if interested. it´s more classical shit tho, need to pimp up my skills!

No animation planned in the recent future, I did a bit too much corp work these last years and burned out a bit. But who knows, the love for animation is still there:D




Thanks for the feedback!

2010-05-30 08:18:15 by Skeenee

Thank you guys for all the feedback on "Life in a tank"!

It will definitely help me improve my next shorts.

Started working on a new one last week, I hope I will manage to get enough free time to finish this one faster! Damn work and bills!

Tx for your support!


Hoi Newgrounds !!!

2009-12-22 06:46:49 by Skeenee

Hoi Newgrounds!

I finally have more free time on my hands, so I decided to attack my pile of scripts and ideas!
I am pretty new to Newgrounds but it love it already! Best way to spread my stupid animations.

If you want to see some updates on my work in progress and ruff art, check out my site www.RogueAnimator.com or join my facebook fanpage

Hope you enjoy my work!